Acegear IRKIT - Premium IR Repeater System

by Acegear
ID: 12963608559688

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Premium IR Repeater System

  • (1)6 Port Distribution Block,
  • (1)12VDC Power Supply,
  • (1) Rectangular "Dinky Link" IR Receiver with Bare leads,
  • (2) Dual IR Emitters

• Allows IR signals to pass through solid doors or walls, line-of-sight is not required
• Works with practically all brands of Audio/Video IR remote controls
• IR Receiver designed to be surface mounted in multiple applications
• Allows for remote control of up to eighteen (18) devices
• Confirmation LED built-in to the IR receiver acknowledges receipt of IR commands

Dimension:  (9.06in x 7.09in x 1.97in)

Weight: (0.74lb.)

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