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utron RRD-10ND RadioRA 2 Maestro Incandescent/Halogen Dimmer, 120V

RadioRA 2 Dimmer, Incandescent/Halogen, Magnetic Low-Voltage, Multi-location/single-pole, neutral required, 120V/1000W in snow

RadioRA 2 Maestro dimmers incorporate advanced features such as fade on/fade off, delayed long fade to off, and rapid full on. 

RadioRA 2 Maestro local controls function much like standard dimmers and switches but can be controlled as part of a lighting control system. Local lighting controls are useful in locations where single circuits of lighting need to be dimmed or switched.

RadioRA 2 Maestro local controls include a Front Accessible Service Switch (FASSTM) for safe lamp replacement. RadioRA 2 Maestro local controls install in single-pole or multi-location applications. Remote dimmers / switches are available for multi-location control.

Use Lutron® Designer (Claro® or Satin Colors®) wallplates or designer-style wallplates from other manufacturers. Wallplates are sold separately.

  •  On a single-tap, lights fade ON or OFF.
  •  On a double-tap, lights go to full ON.
  •  When ON, press and hold the top switch to engage the delayed long fade to OFF.
  •  Light levels can be fine-tuned by pressing and holding the dimming rocker until the desired light level is reached.
Item #: RRD-10ND
Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.75 x 3 in 
Wheith 0.60 Lbs 

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