Jamo R-300 IR Sensor (Each)

by Jamo
ID: 12961342750792

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Jamo R300

The R-300 is an infrared sensor that forms part of a hidden link system that allows control of sources from different locations. It is made for use in the special knockouts in our speakers or for mounting in a wall. This means that you can hide it totally behind the grille in a in-wall speaker. The R-300 can pick up signals from a remote from approximately 30 ft/9 meters depending on the strength of the remote's transmissions

  • Miniature receiver
  • Flush mount in a 1/2" hole
  • 1/2" diameter x 2" long
  • Works in normal three-wire mode
  • Requires power supply (PS 1) and emitter
  • Flashback LED confirms the reception of an IR command
  • Sensor pickup range approximately 30 ft.
  • Includes additional wire for all applications
  • Discrete size makes it invisible and easy to hide in place

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