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Middle Atlantic Slide Rail System, 12 Useable

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Middle Atlantic's SRSR 4-Rail Rotating Sliding 12U Rack System is designed to give you convenient pull-out access to your key equipment. This 4-SRSR model has two extra dual rails for a 300-lb. equipment capacity. It touts 12U (21" height) of rack space and extends to 19 inches of usable depth. A superior rotational feature allows easy setup and control as it locks into place at 0-, 60-, and 90-Degrees in either direction. Made with 14/11-AWG gauge steel that easily supports your server and entertainment setups, this 4-SRSR series is ideal for istallation into your custom cabinets and millwork, and is ready for use.

It is constructed with a detachable rack frame for off-site equipment integration, yet has all of the in-house characteristics that make it invaluable: smooth glide ball bearings, cable management readiness, and pre-marked standard rack holes.

Add your digital entertainment devices or server equipment to this easy shelving unit to give them the pivotal treatment for which they were designed. Middle-Atlantic holds nothing back in convenience, utility, and ingenuity of design. The best device protection and display is right here.

Durable Quad Steel Structure

Middle-Atlantic uses 14-AWG gauge steel on this rack to delivers a security that is undoubtedly welcome. The 4-SRSR series has a terrific 300-lb. capacity to support your entertainment and server devices.

True Entertainment Convenience

Want a better way to manage your computer and digital entertainment devices? Middle-Atlantic has just that in mind with its rotating and sliding equipment rack. It extends 19 inches from rack wall, and offers an EIA-compliant rackmount height and width design that bring modern storage to all of the devices and controls you cannot live without.

Detachable Rack

Need to integrate some special equipment into your rack? That is no problem with this SRSR series, which is detachable, and ready for special maintenance or device installation.

Easy Slide-Out Rack Bottom

This unit pulls out 19 inches from cabinet or millwork backing, and revolutionizes device control and storage. Say goodbye to lifting heavy equipment for maintenance or for more accurate operation; Middle-Atlantic has the SRSR rack you need.

Heat Management

When devices are stacked on top of one another, device heat management suffers. This shelving unit features vents on the sides of the rack system for thermal management. It also seperates your electronics in a way that gives each the space and aeration it needs for long lasting performance.

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