Panamax P360-6 Power 360 6 Outlet Floor Strip / USB Charging Station, White

by Panamax
ID: 12961373945928

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Panamax Power360-6 Surge 

Best for Home Office uses, the Panamax Power360-6 Surge Strip features a Detachable USB module that easily tethers to table or desktop for convenient USB charging hub. The Panamax Power 360-6 features best in class protection with active over/under-voltage protection that automatically resets itself when power conditions return to normal. The Circle of Protection LED displays real time protection, wiring and voltage status.

Convenient & innovative USB charging with a spot to rest a phone and/or tablet directly on the wall tap model and removable USB chargers that can be tethered to your desktop on the floor models.

  • Best in class protection with Protect-Or-Disconnect + SmartGuard active over/under voltage monitoring
  • Detachable USB module tethers to P360-6 for convenient USB charging on table or desktop (6’ cable included)
  • ‘Circle Of Protection’ displays protection, wiring, and voltage status
  • 2 high capacity USB ports
  • 6 AC outlets
  • Coax and Telco surge protection
Line Voltage 1
Current 15A
UL 1449 VPR (pending UL) 500V
Nominal Discharge Current 3 KA
Energy Dissipation 1080J
Overvoltage Shutoff 140 Vac +/- 7 Vac Under voltage Shutoff: 95 Vac +/- 5 Vac
Width (inches) 18
Height (inches) 4.4
Depth (inches) 2.3
Weight (pounds) 2

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