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Russound CASRC Systems Remote Controlsn

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For Russound CAS44 multi-room audio system

This remote works with the Russound CAS44 multi-room audio system. Aim it at any of your in-wall keypads, and it lets you select your music source, adjust volume, and access the system's menu. Sensors built into the keypads receive IR (infrared) signals from the remote and transmit them via the system's CAT-5 cabling to control your source components.

  • operates Russound CAS44 multi-room music systems and up to four additional devices
  • learns IR codes from your existing remote controls
  • pre-programmed for many brands of audio/video gear
  • "all off" function turns off all keypads from a single location
  • uses 2 "AA" alkaline batteries (included)
  • warranty: 2 years

The CSA-RC remote is designed to control the CSA44 controller/amplifier from any of its 4 zones. In addition to controlling the CSA44, it will control 4 connected source components using optional IR emitters. The CSA-RC is pre-coded with commands for a wide variety of components from numerous manufacturers. It can also learn commands from an existing remote.

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