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Simply45 CAT5E (S45-B001) SNAGLESS BOOT / STRAIN RELIEFS for all S45 - (100pc Bag)

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S45-B001 - Integrated Strain Reliefs for Simply45™ Unshielded Pass Through & Standard RJ45 - Cat5e

Simply45™ Integrated Snagless Strain Reliefs for Simply45™ Brand CAT5E ONLY UTP Pass-Through (S45-1500) & Standard (S45-1000) RJ45 Mod Plugs, Commercial Rated UL94 V0 – Blue Tint- 100 pcs/Resealable Bag. Previous Part Number: SIMPLY45-BOOT-CAT5E

• Prolongs Life of the Termination. The S45-B001 takes the strain off the terminated plug. When you do not use a strain relief, any contact with the plug or cable puts strain directly on the terminated plug. Over time this could cause one or more of the RJ45 pins to become loose. If a pin becomes loose, it will create electrical resistance. Resistance creates heat. This could then cause performance problems or damage to the device socket.

• Commercial Rated UL94 V0. The Simply45™ S45-B001 RJ45 modular plug strain reliefs are UL94 V0 (IEC 60695-11-10) rated for all commercial installations. These strain reliefs are recommended for CMP Plenum, CMR, CM; and LSZH up to B2ca rated LAN cables.

• Narrow Design for Easy Access. The S45-B001 strain reliefs are the same width as the RJ45 modular plug. Most common strain reliefs slide over the RJ45. This makes the terminated connector much wider and difficult to use in multi-port patch panels and devices. Therefore, many installers decide to forgo using strain reliefs. The Simply45™ S45-B001 strain reliefs lock into the plug during termination and maintain a very narrow profile. This allows easy access to the plug in these tight installations.

• Maintains Correct Bend Radius of the Termination. The Simply45™ S45-B001 Integrated Strain Reliefs protect the terminated RJ45 from damage during the life of the link or channel. Maintaining industry standards bend radius is important for maximizing the link/channel performance.

• Professional Finish. In addition to protecting the termination and extending the operating life of the link/channel, the S45-B001 strain reliefs also provide a professional finish to your terminated RJ45.

• Trimmable. The S45-B001 strain reliefs are trimmable so that you can adjust the bend radius if necessary to work in very tight installations.

• Color Tinted RJ45 Modular Plugs. The S45-B001 strain reliefs come in the same light blue tint that matches the Simply45™ RJ45 modular plugs they are intended to work with. This provides easy identification to match the correct RJ45 mod plugs. The S45-B001 strain reliefs work with the following Simply45™ RJ45 modular plugs: S45-1500, 1501, S45-1000

• Snagless Design. The S45-B001 strain reliefs are a snagless design. This prevents broken latch tabs on the RJ45 modular plugs.

• Wide Mouth Resealable Bag for Easy Hand Access. No need to spill RJ45 mod plugs out of the bag just to reach them. The S45-B001 strain reliefs bag packaging stands up and can remain open so that you can easily reach in and remove the strain reliefs.

• PoE/PoH Rated. The S45-B001 strain reliefs are ideal for PoE/PoH applications. They are Commercial Rated UL94 V0 to match their RJ45 modular plugs.

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