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Acegear Training & Info Videos

On this page you will find a series of videos that will help guide you through the fundamentals of setting up and configuring your Acegear CCTV products. With these resources you can properly manage and maintain your systems, covering basic networking and network security, to more complicated analytics to make your setups more effective.

DVR & NVR Instructional Videos

First Time Configuration Guide

For your first time powering up your DVR & NVR this video covers the basic steps through the wizard and password setup/recovery tools.

Cloud Peer-2-Peer Remote Viewing Setup Guide

Want a secure connection without the hassle of open ports on your router? This video shows how to setup your DVR or NVR using P2P (Peer to Peer) connection. Using the Guarding Vision mobile app.

Plug and Play NVR IP Camera Setup Guide

Here we go over how to setup your Plug and Play IP cameras on an NVR through the network and directly connected to the POE ports of the NVR.

Basic IP & DDNS Setup Guide

This covers simple network IP and DDNS setup for your device. With this and Port Forwarding you can setup remote viewing on a browser,phone application and viewer management software. 



Smart Video Analysis