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Dear Valued Blue Star Distributors Customer,Our records indicate that the Florida Resale Certificate we have on file will expire on 12/31/18. Please send your companies 2019 Florida Resale Certificate prior to December 31st 2018. 

This will enable Blue Star Distributors Corp to continue to exempt your companies sales for resale.This email is to notify you that our system will convert your account to sales taxable if we do not receive a current Resale Certificate by the expiration date on your certificate. If you are no longer exempt in Florida please advise and we will update the account. 

• Updated certificates should be emailed to or or faxed to 305-406-1690. 

ʉۢ If you have any questions, please email us at or or call us at 305-406-1636.

• Blue Star Distributors appreciates your business and look forward to promptly processing your updated Resale Certificates.Sincerely,Blue Star Distributors Corp

Sincerely,Blue Star Distributors Corp