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TechLogix TL-CAV-01-HDV, All-in-one meeting room & classroom AV system -- 1 HDMI & 1 VGA input

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All-in-one meeting room & classroom AV system -- 1 HDMI & 1 VGA input

Unfortunately, technology in classrooms and conference rooms is often more frustrating than effective. The headache begins at the design stage—random parts need to be pieced together to form some semblance of a system. The headache continues into the purchasing stage—technology is expensive, often costing multiple thousands of dollars per room. Installation is just as painful—those random parts now need to be connected together, and extensive programming is required to make them operate as one. And then the head explodes—the system is too daunting for the presenter, so they let it sit unused.

Thousands of dollars and countless hours are wasted by the users of the rooms who opt to ignore the expensive technology around them.  

Enter the TL-CAV-01 room kit. We’ve designed the system to be affordable, easy-to-install, intuitive to use, and powerfully effective as a presentation and room audio-visual signal management tool. The system includes both audio and video routing and control, and only requires a single shielded twisted pair cable to connect all of the components. Best of all, a simple wallplate controller provides users with volume control and source selection, and automatic modes of operation ensure the system will be used and not feared.  The single TL-CAV-01 part number replaces hours of design and installation work, and the all-in system price is unrivaled in the education and corporate AV technology markets.  

  • (1) included wallplate transmitter
  • (1) included wallplate controller
  • (1) included surface-mount receiver/processor
  • (1) HDMI & (1) VGA source input on the wallplate
  • Automatic switching with connection sensing
  • Manual control via IR and RS232
  • USB pass-through for interactive whiteboard integration
  • Single twisted pair connectivity
  • Mic/line input with 48V phantom power
  • HDMI output with audio de-embedding
  • Built-in 2x20W 4Ω amplifier
  • TCP/IP connectivity for system wide monitoring and diagnostics
  • Firmware upgradeable via USB thumb drive
  • IR learning for control of connected devices

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