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Garden Loudspeaker 

An adjustable tap switch enables the satellites to operate in eithertraditional 8ohm mode or in 70V or 100V mode. This enables multiple speakers on a single run to each play at a different volume, such as louder by the pool while quieter by the seating area.

in-Ground Subwoofers 

Designed to move air in even 360-degree pattern thesesubwoofers are optimized for use with GS-4 or GS-6landscape speakers. 

Rock & Planter Loudspeakers

Blend in with the existing landscape bringingindoor-quality sound outdoors.

OS Series Speakers

By integrating the woofer basket into the baffle of the cabinetNiles OS Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers provide levels of bassperformance that substantially exceed their physical size.

Speaker Promo Runs February, 12 / 2019 through August, 31 / 2019