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2GIG-F1-345, Personal Help Button - Fall Detector Pendant, 345MHz

by 2GIG
SKU 2GIG-F1-345
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Personal Safety Pendant with Proven Fall Detection

The DXS-F1 and 2GIG-F1-345 Fall Detector Pendants are the latest in technology in the Numera line of Personal Emergency Wearables. Reliable strong transmission with range up to 1000 feet, plus leading-edge fall detection technology promote full-time use and around-the-clock protection.

Our 2GIG-F1 pendants are compatible with Numera devices, including the Numera Libris mPERS product line and Numera Home Safety Hub console, as well as with 2GIG home security systems.

The DXS-F1 protocol pendant is backward compatible with PERS- 4200 and PERS-2400 (Linear) consoles.

  • Cutting-edge Fall Detection Technology: Multi-axis sensor intelligence recognizes the most amount of falls.
  • Proven: Fall detection leverages the Numera Libris' advanced fall detection algorithms and fall assessment capabilities that are based on real human falls.
  • Proactively Sensitive: 3D sensing capability guarantees an alert immediately in the case of a fall
  • Strong Transmission: Works even through thick walls with range up to 1000 feet
  • Full Time Use is Full Time Protection: Attractive comfortable design encourages usage at all hours
  • Completely Sealed: Durable, shock and water resistant (IPx7) with long lasting battery
  • Backward Compatible: DXS-F1 (315 MHz) is compatible with PERS-4200 and PERS-2400
  • Configurable: 2GIG-F1-345 (345 MHz) is fully compatible with Numera and 2GIG systems and is configurable to activate the fall detection feature

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