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Acegear USBCM2USB3.0F, 6 Inches USB 3.1 Type-C G1 Male to USB 3.0 Female Cable.

by Acegear
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8 Inch USB Type C Male to USB3.0 (G1) A-Female Cable.

The new USB type C standard is here, super high speed data transfer however there are many devices out there that still utilize USB A type 3.0, 2.0 or even lower, there for you need a way to still to transfer files and data from one device to another, with this 8 inch cable you can simply connect your existing USB A Male cable and easily convert it into a USB C type


* Super Fast Charging and Syncing
* connects a USB C type to a USB A Male cable
* Sync and charge your USB Type-C equipped device simultaneously with this cable
* Ideal to transfer massive data files
* USB Backwards compatible

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