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Lutron RadioRA3 RRST-HN2B, Sunnata RF Hybrid Keypads - 2 Button

by Lutron
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Hybrid keypads function as a dimmer and keypad combined into a single device. Hybrid keypads are great for retro-fit applications since they eliminate the need to install two separate devices.

Hybrid keypads feature large, easy-to-use buttons.

LED bars on each button aid in locating the buttons in low light conditions. Printing colors are pre-selected to provide increased readability, regardless of the keypad finish or color.

Hybrid keypads include a Front Accessible Service Switch (FASS) for safe lamp replacement. Default printing provides the ability to immediately use the keypad in the space.

Once the required custom printing has been identified, a replacement button kit can be redeemed using the RadioRA 3 setup software. Replacement button kits are available in a variety of colors and finishes with custom printing to clearly identify each button’s function.

The flexible design of the keypads allows the color, number of buttons, and the configuration of the buttons to be changed in the field, after installation. Use with Lutron designer-opening wallplates (sold separately). Lutron wallplates snap on with no visible means of attachment.

  • Hybrid keypads with dimmer and keypad functionality all in one device
  • One keypad can control groups of devices such as dimmers, light switches, ceiling fans, automated shades and other integrated devices like audio systems
  • Buttons can be configured either for integrated scene control or as simple on/off toggle switch control for a light or group of lights
  • RF connectivity enables schedule, scene and other system-controlled events
  • Programmable to select scene or room preset levels or positions
  • Soft glow helps homeowner find the button in the dark
  • Light bar brightness can be customized, including off if preferred in places like the bedroom
  • Lights gradually fade on and off with customizable fade rate
  • Each button can be customized with personalized text or icons. Keypads include one credit redeemable for a single custom printed replacement button kit through the RadioRA 3 setup software

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