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Niles RWE7C Rear Wave Enclosure for 7" DS Directed Soundfield Loudspeaker

by Niles
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RWE7C - Rear wave enclosure for select Niles speakers

Niles RWE7C / FG01643

In-ceiling speakers have gotten really popular, and they're a great option for home theater systems. But much of the sound they produce can end up leaking into the room above. If you're enjoying a movie while someone in the bedroom above is trying to sleep...well, someone is going to lose some sleep. That's where Niles's ingenious wave enclosure comes in. It prevents sound "leakage" while enhancing speaker performance.

The Niles Audio RWE7C Rear Wave Enclosure is an accessory designed especially for the 7" Directed Soundfield series ceiling-mount loudspeakers. The enclosure provides superior-quality predictable sound for in-ceiling installations. It is manufactured to precise air volume specifications for the compatible speakers for deeper bass response. The enclosure also keeps sound waves from leaking into unwanted areas, such as adjacent rooms or spaces. It comes with 24" of speaker wire, connected internally to the enclosure's spring post terminals, and a batt of 100% Dacron insulation.

  • sealed enclosure improves sound quality of Niles DS7MP and DS7PR in-ceiling speakers
  • reduces the amount of sound and vibration passing through the ceiling
  • enclosure requires 10" of clearance to one side of the loudspeaker cutout hole, and 7-1/8" of vertical clearance (with loudspeaker atttached)
Length 18 (Inches)
Width 13.6 (Inches)
Height 10.4 (Inches)
Shipping Weight 3.9 Lbs

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