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Platinum Tools 15020-1J Double End Coax Stripper, (Each)

SKU PT15020-1J
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Platinum Tools 15020C / Double-Ended Coaxial Cable Stripper

Strip a broad range of cables in a single step with the 15020C Double-Ended Coaxial Cable Stripper from Platinum Tools. Adhering to the standard compression for connectors, the blades produce a 1/4" braid, two-level strip. A versatile tool, it works with RG7/11/213/8 and RG59/6/6 quad cables. For faster installations, the stripper quickly removes cable jackets and dielectric. Preset and ready-to-use, this compact, lightweight, simple to operate tool requires no time-consuming adjustments.

  • Strips a Broad Range of Coax Cables
  • Preset, Requiring No Adjustments
  • Produces 1/4" Braid, Two-Level Strip
  • For RG7/11/213/8 & RG59/6/6 Quad Cables
  • Removes Cable Jacket & Dielectric
  • Compact, Lightweight, & Simple to Use
Part Number 15020C
Package Dimensions 3.1 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches
Pack 1 Pcs
Weight 0.1 lb

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