Xantech SMVID01 Video Sensor Module

by Xantech
ID: 12961310081096

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SMVID01 - Video Sensor Module with Adjustable Sensitivity

Video sensor module with adjustable sensitivity. Provides several sensing solutions for a wide variety of automation needs. Can be used with the CBCSM1 connecting block to provide a simple interface solution. CBCSM1 can provide positive and negative logic through its pull up and pull down connections. Each module comes with double-sided foam tape and mounting screws. Built into the sensor is a convenient LED light that turns on to indicate the sensor is in an on condition.

  • Provides status feedback by monitoring composite video connection
  • Sensor head placed inline to monitor video output
  • 0 to 15 seconds adjustable delay
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Used with ISM4, MRC platform and CBCSM1 connecting block
Delay adjustable between 0 and 15 seconds
Voltage 12Vdc at <50mA
Length 3.75in
Width 0.75in
Height 0.75in
Plug 1/8-inch (3.5mm) mini
Conrol Cable Cable  6 ft approximate
Sleeve +/- Ground
Sensor Cable Length 6.5 ft
Video Mixer Input Type Composite
Video Mixer Output Type Composite

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