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AtlasIED EZSYS-BGM-C / complete business music & paging system for ceiling tile applications - with wall level controller

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The Atlas Sound EZSYS-BGM-C package is an entire business music and paging system. It includes the proper amplification, system control, and loudspeakers. All you need are audio sources and cables. The box illustrates the proper way to connect the equipment including cable and tool requirements.

System Includes (6) Atlas Sound SD72W 8" Dual Cone In-Ceiling Loudspeakers (1) Atlas Sound AA35G 35W Mixer Amplifier (1) Atlas Sound AT35D 35W Decora Plate Mounted Attenuator (6) Atlas Sound 81-8R 8" Round Hole T-Bar Bridges

Atlas Sound SD72W 8" Dual Cone In-Ceiling Loudspeakers:

The loudspeaker used in the SD72W is the next generation of Atlas high-performance cone loudspeakers, very similar to the preceding C-Series loudspeakers.

The similarity in the sonic qualities ensures that contractors and designers who have worked with the AtlasIED C-Series in the past will know exactly what to expect when they use the SD72W. Model SD72W is a dual cone, 25 watt 8" (205 mm) loudspeaker with a 10 oz (260 g) ceramic magnet. It includes a curvilinear, treated paper cone for lower harmonic distortion.

The loudspeaker is also equipped with a full 1" diameter copper voice coil with a black anodized aluminum former for better power dissipation. Package includes factory installed 25/70.7V line matching transformer with tap selections ranging from .25 to 5 watts. Model SD72W operates within a frequency response range of 45Hz - 19kHz (nominal) with a sensitivity of 97dB and a dispersion angle of 105°. 

The SD72W includes a factory installed CRS baffle with concealed loudspeaker mounting studs and includes screw mount hardware. The SD72W baffle features standard mounting holes to accommodate the majority of AtlasIED 8" tile bridges, mounting rings and enclosures. When specifying mounting hardware be advised that the dimensions of the SD72W baffle match the AtlasIED Model 62-8. The baffle finish is white powder coat epoxy.

  • 10oz dual cone speaker provides familiar response & performance
  • Attractive CRS white powder coat baffle
  • Individually packaged for stocking & ordering convenience
  • Quality 5 watt-dual voltage transformer
  • ETL certified, safety listed to UL1480 and UL2043

Atlas Sound AA35G 35W Mixer Amplifier:

The AtlasIED AA35G, a 3 input channel mixer amplifier designed for distributed business paging and background music (BGM) systems, small to medium speech privacy systems and in applications where music on hold (MOH) plus paging is required. With one microphone input and two stereo line inputs, the AA35G will accommodate a variety of input sources including paging microphones, CD players, and digital music receivers. A dip switch selectable matrix allows the creation of a Zone 2 mix from any or all of the input sources for music or messaging on hold applications. 25V, 70.7V, and 8Ω outputs are provided.Three inputs (each with a front panel volume control) and a single output channel

  • Ideal for paging, background music, and music-on-hold applications
  • Balanced mic/line input, zone 2, and dual RCA stereo music inputs
  • Priority muting by VOX or external switch
  • Bass and Treble controls on master output
  • Secondary Zone 2 Output 1W & 600Ω/MOH
  • Universal AC Power Supply for use in any 120V to 240V country
  • 70V, 100V, or 8Ω amplifier output
  • Signal presence LED indicators

Atlas Sound AT35D 35W Decora Plate Mounted Attenuator:

The Atlas Sound AT35D deluxe decora plate mounted attenuator is part of a high-quality auto transformer series that provides the advantages of excellent frequency response, low insertion loss and reliable performance for volume control applications in 25 and 70.7-volt systems. Attenuation is accomplished in ten make before break steps plus positive off position. (No stop between maximum and off position to prevent switch damage). Contacts are silver plated for noise-free operation. Features a removable terminal block and come complete with white and ivory plastic plates with matching skirted knobs.

  • Attractive alternative to commercial series attenuators
  • Mount into most 1-gang E.O. boxes
  • UL Listed
  • White and ivory plastic plates with matching skirted knobs in decora style
  • (6) Atlas Sound SD72W 8" Dual Cone In-Ceiling Loudspeakers
  • (1) Atlas Sound AA35G 35W Mixer Amplifier
  • (1) Atlas Sound AT35D 35W Decora Plate Mounted Attenuator
  • (6) Atlas Sound 81-8R 8" Round Hole T-Bar Bridges

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