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Jamo RIK 8 LW, Architectural Rough in Kits (All 8" IN-WALL)

by Jamo
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Jamo's RIK8LW In-Ceiling Rough In Kit (Size 8, Pair) is a pre-construction tool designed to reduce installation time for all Jamo in-wall speakers.

Thin, removable wings mount to any framing situation, and without raising the depth of the drywall.

The kit is matched with the speaker's frame and guides the installer in cutting holes in the drywall and locating cabling.

Size 8" Compatible

This model is compatible with Jamo's 8" in-ceiling speakers.

Precision Installation

The RIK can be used to precisely measure the speaker's pre-construction needs without the inconvenience of the speaker itself.

System Type Rough-In Kit
Speakers All 8" IN-CEILING

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