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WyreStorm CON-H2-EDID, HDMI In-line Signal Re-Clocker with EDID Management, Automatic or Manual CEC, Audio De-embed and Relay Triggering

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A multi-purpose installer tool, the CON-H2-EDID can perform a variety of tasks within an install.

As an in-line device, it can act as an EDID manager to request specific content from a source, or as an audio de-embedder, extracting HDMI source audio via the S/PDIF or stereo mini-jack ports.

Additionally, it can be a micro zone controller, sending CEC and RS-232 power triggers to connected projectors or screens and from its two relay ports, and can trigger devices in the zone using signal presence logic.


In a legacy installation scenario where EDID is not being communicated properly, the CON-H2-EDID can be connected in-line after the source device and using either a built-in or uploaded EDID file, can ensure the correct content is requested from the source.


Compatible with any current content thanks to its 18Gbps and HDCP2.2 support, it can be placed in-line after any source device and extract the incoming audio via the 3.5mm jack or coaxial S/PDIF port.


Working on signal presence logic, the CON-H2-EDID can trigger a connected screen or projector on/off via both CEC or RS-232; the RS-232 commands can be entered via the configuration s/w tool that is part of WMS v1.6. Additionally, at the same time, it can trigger 3rd party motors (projector screens, lifts, blinds & curtains) via the built-in relays


Sporting an 18Gbps HDMI input, the CON-H2-EDID can support all UHD video signals up to and including 2160p 4:4:4/60, and high frame-rate HDR 12bit 4:2:2 up to 60Hz.

  • HDMI in & HDMI out with re-clocking and equalization (HDMI range extender)
  • Breakout of source audio via mirrored S/PDIF and stereo mini-jack
  • In-line EDID manager with assignable presets or copy & import capability
  • Assignable relays triggered on signal presence or via RS-232
  • Source sensing power triggering:
    • CEC: Compatible screens or projectors triggered manually via API or automatically on signal presence
    • Serial: Power on/off commands can be stored and sent via RS-232 port
  • Setup & configuration via simple PC configuration tool (WyreStorm Management Suite v1.6 or higher)
  • Relay momentary or latching control
  • Powered by 12v DC power supply (US, UK, EU and AU PSU pins included)
  • Mounting brackets included
  • USB-3-pin phoenix cable required for setup (not included) – Use P/n CAB-USB-PX1

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