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DoorBird Transponder Key Fob - 64bit, write-protected, material ABS, for D21x and later. (10 Pack)

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Doorbird 125 KHZ Transponder Key FOB

Open your door via the Doorbird Station with the RFID Badge!

The RFID badge can trigger the opening of an electric strike from a Doorbird video interphone equipped with an RFID badge reader.

Using the badge reader to open the door allows for simplified and rapid access. Badge access can be configured via the application and authorizations can be defined for each user. For example: one badge can give access to two separate doors, while the other will open only one door.

  • To be used with DoorBird D21x models and later
  • Comes with 10 RFID Key Fobs
  • 64 bit encryption and write protected
  • Great for access control. Set times and dates to allow entrance

DoorBird 125 KHz Transponder Key Fob, 64bit, write-protected, material ABS, for D21x and later.

Compatible with:

  • D2101V
  • D2101V
  • D2102V
  • D2103V
  • D21DKH
  • D21DKV
Power 125 KHz, 64bit, write-protected
Dimension 0.5 inx 0.50 in x 1 in
Weight 0.20 Lbs

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