DoorBird A001 Alarm/Loud Speaker fro BirdGuard, Gray

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Bird Guard A001 - Alarm/Loud Speaker for 110dB with Integrated Amplifier

The Doorbird A001 is both an alarm and a loud speaker, with a volume of up to 100 dB. It is easily connected to the IP Doorbird Birdguard B101 camera using the cable provided. This product does not require a power supply and uses the amplification integrated in the Birdguard camera to produce a clear and powerful sound.

You can use this loud speaker to project a voice or alerts (dog barks, alarm, etc). 

  • 100dB alarm / loud speaker to connect to your BirdGuard camera
  • Easily connect this product to your camera using the cable provided 
  • Easy installation
Dimensions 9.1 x 6.3 x 5.8 cm
Weight 1.5 lb

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