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DoorBird D2101FV, IP Video Door Station D2101FV Fingerprint 50, stainless steel V2A, brushed, 1 call button incl. stainless steel plate with bell symbol, DoorBird Fingerprint Reader Module 50 (surface-/ flush-mounting housing sold separately)

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A modern doorbell for home or office and stylish member of the new family of Doorbirds. The fascia is beautifully prepared to add on an eKey Fingerprint reader module.

Amazing collaboration from two progressive companies means an elegant way for you to combine the two technologies into one device.

Market leading Video IP Intercom and Doorbell

The D2101FV model is beautifully prepared to add on an eKey Fingerprint reader module. Amazing collaboration from two progressive companies means an elegant way for you to combine the two technologies into one device for a single residence and has a beautiful stainless steel fascia in a range of finishes, all the essential Doorbird functionality, 2 x door release relay’s, and RFID for keyfob access. 

It is suited to a single residence or commercial property with 1 call button, and covers for the call button are available as accessories. There is a blank cover for a more austere look, a bell symbol that is laser cut and backlit, or you can have your family name custom engraved on a blank button. Slot your eKey module into the cutout on the fascia and you not only have a complete access control and intercom system, but the 2 brands are gracefully combined.

You can see your visitors, speak with them and open the door by smartphone or tablet – from anywhere in the world. DoorBird combines innovative technology with elegant design. A smart solution – Designed and manufactured in Germany. 

Multiple Fascia's available - V2A Stainless Steel is IP65, V4A in all finishes is IP65 with chrome-nickel steel with molybdenum additive for harsh conditions and is Salt-Water resistant. 

High tech makes life easier

With DoorBird you will not miss any more deliveries – because you will be informed right away when the postman rings.

Security comes first

Do not compromise on safety. Most burglaries happen during the day when no one is at home. With the DoorBird you can respond to visitors from anywhere in the world. 

Nothing escapes the motion sensor

Great all-round visibility: Thanks to the integrated high-end motion sensor you always know what happens in front of your home. The 180° infrared motion sensor can, if desired, set off an alarm, or notify you – without the visitor having rung the doorbell. 


DoorBird is the smart solution for your house entrance.Simply connect your DoorBird IP Video Door Station toyour smartphone and talk to your visitor – anywhere youare. The IP Video Door Station can be used as a standalone unit or can be integrated into an existing SmartHome platform. Even existing classic installations such asa door chime or an electric door opener can still be usedand controlled via the DoorBird App.


Imagine, you are not at home and your children havelocked themselves out or the courier wants to delivera parcel. With DoorBird this is no longer a problem.Every time someone rings the doorbell you will get apush notification on your smartphone or tablet. Via theDoorBird App you are not only able to talk to the visitorbut also see them live in HD quality. You will never missa visitor again. With DoorBird you are on the move andyet at home, even if a burglar rings at the door to check ifsomeone is at home.


All DoorBird products are designed, developed andproduced by Bird Home Automation GmbH in Berlin,Germany. We manufacture all products with the greatestcare and precision, and deliver them to our customers allover the world.

More than 100 emplyees arecomitted to continuously developingDoorBird in order to guaranteethe highest quality, longevity andcustomer satisfaction. For us "Madein Germany" is not only a seal ofquality, but a philosophy. 


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