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WyreStorm MX-0808-H2A-MK2, 4K HDR 8x8 Pure HDMI Matrix with Scaling Outputs, Audio De-embed & ARC

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The MX-0808-H2A-MK2 is a welcome refresh to the powerful line of H2A pure HDMI switchers. The MK2 is familiar on the surface but has a host of improvements and added features.

To start, the HDMI outputs now feature 4K > 1080p downscales promoting easier integration of mixed resolution displays into a single system.

The HDMI outputs also now support Audio Return Channel from smart TVs to bring audio from apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc.…to an external audio system.

Speaking of audio, the analog audio outputs have been updated to balanced connections to ensure there is no loss in fidelity or interference.


Each of the 8 outputs on the MK2 feature down scalers, allowing support for mixed resolution distribution of HDMI content to 4K and 1080p display simultaneously.


Featuring balanced analog and a digital S/PDIF, easily de-embed audio from either the HDMI inputs or ARC to a secondary audio distribution system without the need for external adapters or converters.


All 8 HDMI outputs support Audio Return Channel from smart TVs apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc.….The ARC audio can then be sent through either the digital S/PDIF or balanced analog outputs to an AVR or stereo amp.

2160P 4:4:4

As a standard requirement with the latest WyreStorm products, the MK2 supports the latest video formats including 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content all in uncompressed HDMI glory.

  • Uncompressed HDMI signal distribution supporting full 18Gbps bandwidth and 4K/60 4:4:4 video content
  • Pair with WyreStorm HAOC cables to send uncompressed HDMI video up to 50 meters.
  • Compatible with latest HDR video standards including HDR10, HDR10+ Dolby Vision and HLG
  • Balanced analog and digital S/PDIF audio de-embed for distributing audio to an amplifier or DSP
  • Each HDMI output supports 4K to 1080p downscaling to support mixed resolution systems
  • Output downscaling controlled intuitive web UI or API commands
  • Automatic or manual CEC power triggering of displays through HDMI outputs via API. Allows custom CEC commands to expand compatibility with displays.
  • Audio Return Channel supported on all 8 outputs allowing up to 5.1 audio from smart TV apps to be distributed to external audio systems such as an AVR or stereo amplifier.
  • Supports AV Mute for enabling disabling HDMI outputs per zone
  • API triggered standby mode puts unit into low power state during downtime
  • EDID Management through API or front panel buttons
  • 1U 19” chassis for convenient installation into standard equipment racks

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