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WyreStorm MXV-0808-H2A-70 v3, 4K HDR 4:4:4 60Hz HDBaseT™ 8x8 Matrix Switch with Zone Audio De-Embed and 4 Mirrored HDMI Outputs (4K: 70m/230ft, 1080p: 100m/328ft)

SKU WSMXV-0808-H2A-70 v3
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Offering transmission of 18Gbps HDMI content up to 70m/230ft by pairing Class A HDBaseT with WyreStorm’s powerful lossless compression algorithm, the MXV-0808-H2A-70 brings the familiar power of the WyreStorm H2-series to a compact 1U chassis.

Unlike competing compression methods such as CSC, which permanently remove color data, WyreStorm’s VLC uses a lossless compression technology to ensure signal integrity.

With 8 Class A HDBaseT zone outputs & 4 mirrored HDMI outputs–which can be paired with WyreStorm’s hybrid HDMI cables or any extender–and CEC triggering for all 12 connected screens, the 6x6 MXV-70 enhances the offering for the modern home or commercial installation.


Bringing our lossless compression technology from the flagship H2XC matrix platform, the 8x8 MXV-70 can handle both current & future video content technologies up to 4K/60 4:4:4 and high framerate HDR. The highest possible bandwidth that currently exists according to the HDMI 2.0 specification is no longer limited to short range copper HDMI cables.


Aimed at larger footprint installations and in a significant step-up from the other MXV models in the range, the MXV-0808-H2A-70 doubles the transmission range and can transmit high-framerate HDR or 4:4:4/60 content up to 70m/230ft using superior Class A HDBaseT paired with the latest in compression technology.


Specific to the version 3 model, the MXV 8x8 gives users many options to power displays on and off. These options include RS-232 routing to discreet zones, as well as using automatic, API and custom generated triggered CEC commands.


In addition to the audio breakout ports, the 8x8 MXV-70 also features four HDMI mirrored output ports which can be paired with any of WyreStorm’s HAOC hybrid optical HDMI cables for transmission up to 50m/164ft or any extender for transmission of HDBaseT or OM3 fiber.

Use with RXV-70-4K-G2 for 70m/230ft transmission of 2160p 4:4:4/60

  • 4K HDR HDBaseT 8x8 Matrix Switch, supporting:
    • Content up to 4K/60 4:4:4 & RGB 8-bit
    • The latest HDR standards, including 60Hz HDR-10 & HLG and Dolby Vision™ at 30Hz
    • HDCP 2.2 encryption technology ensuring compatibility with the latest 4K UHD content and sources
    • HD Multichannel audio up to DTS:X and Dolby Atmos™ to all outputs
  • Proprietary compression algorithm enables 60Hz 4K UHD content (4:4:4 or HDR) to be sent over HDBaseT to 70m/230ft
  • 4 HDMI outputs mirroring HDBaseT Outputs 1-4 for connecting additional slave screens, projectors or AVR’s
  • HDMI Inputs and HDMI outputs support bandwidths of up to 18Gbps
  • Compatible with DVI-I and DP++ v1.3 signals from compatible devices
  • 8 Assignable audio outputs allow audio to be independently de-embedded from sources or outputs via Toslink optical
  • A/V Mute mode allows the routing of a signal to an output to be deactivated
  • API controlled standby mode allows the matrix to enter a low power state when not in use, cutting power consumption by up to 34%
  • Automatic (signal sensing) or manual (API operated) CEC power triggering of all connected screens or projectors (CEC compatibility required)
  • A/V Mute function gives complete distribution control to a user allowing the signal to any zone to be independently switched off
  • SmartEDID™ feature also dynamically detects display/source capabilities and automatically outputs the highest possible resolution
  • Additional EDID management through DIP switches for global setting or via WebUI for independent management of EDID per source
  • Embedded WyreStorm WebUI enables simple source switching and installer set-up & configuration
  • WebUI includes full EDID management to read, copy, store or import EDID from connected devices
  • Assign a different EDID to each connected source device
  • API triggered standby mode puts unit into low power state during downtime
  • Flexible control options – front panel buttons, infrared remote control, local IR, RS-232, Telnet or WebUI
  • 3.5mm jack input for receiving local IR commands out of line-of-sight
  • Simple switching matrix remote control included, which can be learned into a universal remote handset to allow the control of multiple devices from one handset
  • 2-way IR for far-end device control from control system or source control from a zone
  • Option for end-user WebUI switching interface
  • Compact 1U chassis with adjustable depth rack mounting brackets included
  • US, UK, EU & AU Power cables included
  • Can be combined with WyreStorm EXP-CON-DAC-D digital audio converter to downmix Dolby Digital 5.1 content to mix stereo and surround sound zones
  • Capable of transmitting content to 50m/164ft using WyreStorm HAOC range of hybrid optical HDMI cables
  • *The ability to send custom CEC commands when standard CEC commands aren't compatible
  • *RS-232 routing over HDBaseT allows discrete control of all connected display devices *Version 3 model required.

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