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WyreStorm RXF-300-4K, 18Gbps HDMI-Over-MultiMode Fiber Receiver (2160p 4:4:4/60: 300m/984ft | 1080p: 300m/984ft)

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Fiber transmission has long been the holy grail of sending high bandwidth data over long distances but its cost, and demanding termination and installation criteria have put many people off.
Now, with the H2X matrix platform offering perfect lossless transmission of 2160p 4:4:4/60 content over distances of nearly 1000ft, it's the perfect time to embrace optical transmission; let there be light!


With fiber optic cable now more accesible than ever thanks to lower costs and easy field-termination, there's never been a better time to send lossless 4K HDR content over distances up to 300m/984ft from our H2X matrix. Attenuation and airbourne interfernce are no longer a concern for HDMI content so, go long!


The highest possible bandwidth that currently exists according to the HDMI 2.0 specification can now be sent using the latest lossless optical transmission technology up to nearly 1000ft. Always looking ahead, WyreStorm can handle both current & future video content technologies.


As space between displays and the wall they’re mounted to reduces, finding a receiver to fit in this gap can be hard to find. WyreStorm's fiber receiver brings the slim chassis and small footprint that you've come to expect and has all the accessories needed to help the integrator complete the install discreetly and efficiently.


With no electronics or antenna-like copper involved, fiber transmission is perfect for electronically “noisy” environments such as industrial or retail premises. Using optical transmission over 2 multimode fiber cores, the RXV-300-4K is sure to receive a much stronger, more reliable signal.

  • Perfect for long distance transmission in environments with high-levels of EM or RF interference
  • Reliable optical-HDMI conversion over distance using duplex OM3 cable
  • 4K UHD signals up to 300m/984ft (2160p 4:4:4 60Hz 8-bit)
  • Supports HDMI2.0 video standard up to 18Gbps
  • Compatible with HDR standards including HDR-10, HDR-10+, HLG and Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision™ supported up to 30Hz)
  • HDCP 2.2 compatible
  • Passes IR or RS-232 control signals bidirectionally
  • RS-232 port for routed 2-way serial communication
  • LED indication for HDCP presence within signal and transmission link between devices
  • Ventilated steel chassis
  • Compact design for convenient and unobtrusive installation
  • Wall mounting brackets and IR accessories included

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